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Our Services

Legal and business translations

Mutual understanding and clear communication are vital to doing business with foreign partners, which is why the linguistic culture, mentality and laws of the target language’s country are all taken into consideration in our legal and business translations. We do not just literally convey the meaning when translating contracts, agreements and assorted legal documents; we perform elaborate work that involves finding the right phrasing and interpreting specialized terminology in the context of the legal norms and business etiquette of the target language’s country. We fully realize the importance of precision in the translation of legal and business documents, and are prepared to help you establish commercial ties and run a successful business. 

Technical and scientific translations

Inspiration-In-Translation does translations of technical and scientific documents: manuals, blueprints, academic papers and articles. The original document is thoroughly studied by highly qualified translators, who utilize reference books if necessary. They take special care with their choice of terms and vocabulary, aware of the ambiguity that marks technical and scientific concepts. The translated text is edited by a native speaker, who makes sure the meaning is conveyed accurately and in keeping with the stylistic conventions of the target language. When dealing with Inspiration-In-Translation, you can always be sure that your scientific or technical document will be translated on time and meet the highest quality standards.

Medical translations

IIT does translations of medical texts of any complexity: medical articles and reports, patient records, diagnoses, treatment plans, test results, prescriptions.
To ensure the highest possible accuracy, the translation is only entrusted to experienced translators specializing in the medical field. We have reference books on hand and consult medical professionals when necessary.
We understand that the quality and speed of a translation can make a difference between life and death.
Inspiration-In-Translation guarantees medical translation of the highest quality that leaves no room for ambiguity.

Translations for websites and online media

If you are planning to launch a website in a foreign language, we will help you adapt texts of a reference, entertainment or marketing nature to the cultural and linguistic perception filters of a foreign audience. The professionalism and scope of native-speaking translators enables a translation into the target language that faithfully conveys the meaning and feel of the original text, while making use of the contractions, abbreviations and set expressions of the target language.
Marketing copies can, at your request, be further edited by native-speaking marketing experts, who familiarize themselves with your company’s services  and come up with wording that will motivate a visitor to make a purchase. We aim to provide you with quality translation that will enhance your company’s profits and image.

Video game translations

If you make video games, apps and other software, Inspiration-In-Translation will help introduce your products to a foreign market and obtain loyal customers. Our services include the translation of packaging, user manuals, subtitles and game plots.
Native-speaking translators teamed with professional editors make sure that the translation is accurate, stylistically uniform and expressive.
For the plot of a game to be as engaging as possible, the translation utilizes well-established jokes, idioms, quotes from popular movies, etc.
Instructions and manuals are translated fully and accurately, in accordance with the target language’s norms for texts of this type.

Travel and Tourism

Inspiration-In-Translation does quality translations of tourist-oriented texts, tour guides, catalogues and brochures.
We understand that tourism and travel-related texts are more than reference materials; they are marketing texts aimed at getting a traveler interested in a country, location or landmark. The translation balances accuracy with verve and vividness.
We also recognize the importance of detailed descriptions of routes, local traditions and other details important to tourist media.
Inspiration-In-Translation’s translators and editors will help you supply your customers with useful and interesting tourist data.

Personal correspondence, CV

Inspiration-In-Translation guarantees compliance with the target language’s writing conventions when translating personal correspondence. As native speakers of the target language, Inspiration-In-Translation’s specialists will preserve the text’s meaning, while enriching it with nuances of tone and set expressions used in the target language’s country.
We understand that personal correspondence is a vital tool in establishing dialogue, friendly or partner relationships. If your writing style is friendly and down-to-earth, our translators will adapt to your style and use clichés, jokes and slang common in the recipient’s country.
The high professional level or Inspiration-In-Translation’s translators guarantees an accurate translation of resumés in compliance with a given country’s standards.
The subsequent editing of personal letters, as well as resumés, makes sure there are no distortions of meaning, or clunky phrasing.

Inspiration-In-Translation guarantees confidentiality and privacy.